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Equipment Guide

The Basics:

Most of our members own these items:


Good quality swimmers goggles make swimming much more comfortable.  The  Aqua Sphere Eagle goggles seem to fit a lot of faces.  Prescription lenses are available for these goggles at a very economical price.

-Fins for kick sets:

We recommend the smaller fins used for swim training such as Finis Z2 Gold Zoomers.

-Paddles for pull sets:                 OR

We recommend the TYR Catalyst 2 Training paddles or the Finis agility paddle.



Some of  our  members also own these items:

-Kick Board:

These are available for use at the pools we use, but some people like to bring  their own.  The TYR Classic Kick Board is a good place to start.

-Pull Buoy:

These are also available for use at pools we use, but again some people prefer to bring their own.  The Speedo Team Pull

Buoy would be a good option.

-Swimmer's Snorkel:

Not generally used in our practices, but many advanced swimmers use these to work on their stroke and body position.  The  Finis  Swimmer's Swim Snorkel is a good option.

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