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Plan to compete in the Boilerman? Or have a goal of being an Ironman athlete? The swimming is often the hardest part for most. We are here to help. We have a large portion of members who are regular triathlete competitors. Many are Ironman finishers. And others are starting their triathlon journey, with the goal to compete in the upcoming season. Don't be the person not signing up for a race because you are afraid of the swim!

Our guarantee to you - we will get you to be comfortable in swimming. To get stronger, and learn how to pace yourself during your race, and be as successful as possible! You will get swim workouts, that will make you a stronger swimmer. YES you will become a SWIMMER! And you will go into your race confidently!! 

Don't believe me? Read the member spotlight below!



When Kevin came to us in 2014, he couldn't make it across the pool. He said his last swim lesson was 50 years ago. That he went to one and never went back. Kevin was scared and nervous, but he didn't let that stop him. We knew his goal - to become an IRONMAN! He made swimming a regular part of his week. He listened to the coaches advice and took advantage of every minute of the swim practice time - asking questions, working on technique, soaking up all of it! 

4 years later, Kevin became an IRONMAN! He competed in many other triathlons. He even competed in swim meets! 

Now, Kevin regularly competes, taking on new challenges regularly. He is a member of our board. He regularly coaches practices. And he oversee's our Adult Learn to Swim program! He knows the value of adults learning to swim.

Trust us when we say - if he can do it, YOU CAN TOO!!!! 


Not a triathlete but looking for a non-impact sport to cross-train? We can help you with that too! Swimming is a great way to get in better shape for any athletic endeavor. Marathon running, cycling, and even weight lifting. Swimming can help you to recover from those sports, gain flexibility, and get a great cardio workout with impact on your body! 

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