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About Us


Our Story

HI! I'm Rachel! I am the President and Founder of iSWIM. I started iSWIM back in 2012, when USMS Spring Nationals was being hosted at IUPUI. I wanted to compete in it, but didn't want to train and compete alone. I swam in undergrad for Purdue, so I knew I could swim alone to train, but I knew I didn't want to! so I found a group, and it quickly grew!

I was amazed how many people in the Great Lafayette, IN area wanted to swim. Some who have never swam before, some who were former high school or college swimmers, and some who liked to swim but, like me, wanted others to swim with! It became a community.... a family! 

Our Vision

Our vision, from day 1, has always been to provide a community where people, no matter the ability level, no matter the goal, can come, train, and swim! We have always wanted to provide a place, where people of all ability levels, and all swimming backgrounds can participate! We have all different goals within our groups - some come to be healthy, some to be fit, some who just want to do non-impact exercising, some come to train for a specific event - such as a triathlon, or other race, while others are competitive swimmers. And of course, we have others who just want to learn how to swim! 

It doesn't matter your goal, we are here for you! We will help you get there. And along the way, you will have one of the kindest, most supportive groups, and coaches you could ask for! 

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