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  • What if I do not know how to swim?
    That is fine! We have our Adult Learn to Swim program! We will help you to learn to swim and become strong and confident in the water.
  • I know how to swim, but have never been on a team. Do I need prior swimming experience?"
    No! We have many people who join, that have never been part of a team before. Swimming a long is booooooooring! We offer a community of folks, at all different abilities, to come together to push one another, improve their swimming abilities, and tackle their goals!
  • What do I need to start?
    Check out the equipment guide tab! But really all you need to start is desire, and of course a swim suit!!
  • Can I try it out before I join?
    OF COURSE! You can come try 2 practices (for free!) before choosing to join!! We will have you sign the USMS liability waiver before getting in the water. You can fill out the waiver before you come to try us out too, here:
  • Why do I need to sign up for USMS too?
    US Masters Swimming is the governing body. Since we are an official USMS registered club, it is required all members also register with USMS. This provides you insurance coverage, and liability should anything ever happen. It is for the safety for you and all the members! Also the pools we use, require it. :)
  • Masters Swimming? I am not a Master Swimmer!
    Don't let that word scare you! Masters does not mean you have to be a master swimmer!! It simply means 18 and older!
  • What can I expect from a practice?
    A coach-led, great, 60 min workout! All of our coaches are experienced in writing great workouts, and helping you achieve your goals. But don't worry -- if there is something you are not comfortable with, or just simply don't like doing, that is fine! Just communicate it to the coaches and they will make adjustments as needed!!
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