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iSWIM Masters


iSWIM Masters


Founded in 2012, iSWIM Masters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of swimming and providing a supportive community for swimmers of all levels. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we are committed to making swimming accessible to everyone in our community, focusing on health, wellness, and the joy of swimming.

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iSWIM Masters was born from a dream, a moment of longing, and a lifetime of dedication to the sport of swimming. Founded in 2012 by Rachel Sitarz, a former competitive swimmer with an illustrious journey in the water, iSWIM is more than just a swimming club – it's a testament to the enduring love for swimming.


From Competitive Swimmer to iSWIM Visionary. Rachel's journey in swimming is a story woven with persistence, passion, and an extraordinary flair for the water. It all started at the age of 10. After just one session of swim lessons, it was clear to everyone — Rachel had a natural affinity for swimming. Recognizing her potential, the coaches invited her to join the swim club right after that first session.

In her debut season, she made an impressive splash, qualifying for State and officially plunging into the competitive swimming scene. This early success and growing passion for the sport led her to Purdue University. From 2003 to 2007, Rachel swam with the Boilermakers, consistently striving for excellence and honing her skills with every determined stroke.

However, in 2008, Rachel experienced a pivotal moment. Falling short of her goal by a mere .07 of a second in the 50 meter freestyle, she made the difficult decision to take a retire from the sport that had been her world. This break, though challenging, wasn't the end of her swimming story. It was a new beginning.

iSWIM Masters


After a few years away from the pool, the itch to swim returned – stronger and more persistent. Rachel came to understand that her yearning extended beyond the strokes and laps of swimming; it was the camaraderie, the shared journey of improvement, and the collective pursuit of personal bests that she deeply missed.

It was this sense of community and mutual encouragement in the world of swimming that she truly longed to reconnect with. She wanted not just to swim, but to swim with others who shared her passion. And so, iSWIM Masters was born.

iSWIM Masters
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iSWIM Masters


iSWIM Masters isn't just about individual swimming goals; it's about community. It's a place where former competitive swimmers, triathletes, Ironman athletes, fitness swimmers and enthusiasts, and even those who have never swum before can come together.
We welcome individuals who might harbor a fear of water, providing a supportive environment where they can comfortably let their guard down and learn to swim. At iSWIM, we celebrate our love for the water in a club where every member uplifts and supports one another, driven by a shared passion and a collective goal: to enjoy swimming in all its forms.

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